Lawrence County Coalition

The Spearfish Community Coalition is making positive changes in Spearfish through the following seven strategies.  These strategies include both individual strategies and community wide strategies in order to make the greatest impact.  Check back periodically to see details about how we are addressing each strategy in Spearfish!


  • Provide Information to the public about dangers of substance use as well as events, and resources for prevention and cessation.
  • Enhance Skills of youth and adults to increase knowledge, leadership and asset building.
  • Provide Pro-Social Support to people involved in activities that reduce the risk of substance use or enhance protective factors.
  • Reduce Access and Enhance Barriers by improving systems and processes that utilized government systems and services.
  • Change Consequences either for those who use (underage drinking) or positively for those who choose not to use or abuse substances.
  • Change Physical Design of an environment to reduce the risks of use and enhance protective factors.
  • Modify/Change Policies formally and informally within the community to establish social norms that can be enforced through laws and ordinances.