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Mental Health Awareness Trainings!

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Lawrence County Coalition offers Mental Health Awareness Trainings that exist to educate, equip, and foster empathy surrounding the premise that there is always help, and hope.

The importance of mental health awareness begins with

  • Educating yourself and others on the warning signs & symptoms of mental illness (Please see options below, or in our calendar of events, for available options.)
  •  Talking about mental health issues openly.


  • Practicing kindness, empathy and compassion
  • Participating or volunteering in mental health awareness events and/or LCC meetings.
  • Talking a holistic approach to help improve the mental wellbeing of your family, friends and yourself.

Our Trainings

QPR for Suicide Prevention

QPR is a one-hour suicide prevention training for participants to be able to recognize the warning signs of suicide and question, persuade and refer people at risk for suicide for help.

This one hour training can be conducted:

  • in the workplace
  • the community setting
  • in the home for a group of individuals interested in receiving the training.

A group of 5-25 participants would be ideal for the training.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an 8 hour training that can be taught in one day, or spread out for several sessions. It is an evidence-based certifiable early intervention course.

This course teaches you how to assist and support others who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge and/or crisis.   A group of 8-25 participants would be ideal for the training. 


LCC is equipped to offer all versions of MHFA:

  • MHFA: Adults who work with adults
  • YMHFA: Adults who work with youth
  • tMHFA: Teens who work/live alongside other teens

KEVN featured this tMHFA training as a key story discussing the successful impact we have made in certifying over 659 students in 3 years at Spearfish High School.


MHAT Coordinator – Michelle May


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